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Sensory Therapy Tools
& Sensory Processing Disorder Therapy Tools

Did you know there are wonderful sensory therapy tools that can help you to resolve a variety of different health issues? These aids can help people with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, and the people who suffer from the side condition of Sensory Processing Disorder. It’s common with people who have Autism and, in some cases, ADHD. These individuals are overly sensitive to touch, certain sounds, smells, etc., in ways that wouldn’t bother people without this condition. Fortunately, there are now great sensory processing disorder therapy tools available to help these folks. All of these items are found at our facility, Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm. We are in the Saint-Malo, MB, Canada area and provide a source of wellness for the area. If you are looking for therapy, products, workshops, learning camps, horsemanship training, and a host of other services, you’ll want to remember we are here in the Saint-Malo, MB, Canada community!

In the Saint-Malo, MB, Canada area, a great place to find these tools is at Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm. If your child suffers from Sensory Processing Disorder, you know how painful and troubling it can be for them. This condition can be very upsetting and keep your child in a state of agitation or anxiety. Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm offers some help. There are special Sensory Processing Disorder Therapy Tools that were created to help children and adults who suffer from this condition. For instance, our Weighted Blankets have been very helpful for people who have this difficulty. Their use activates the brain chemical Oxytocin which eases anxiety and produces a relaxed and calming effect. These Sensory Therapy tools have been very helpful for others. Why not give them a try?

There are wonderful tools available now that have been successful in therapy. If you’d like to see the products we offer, the programs we have and get information on workshops, registration, and more, it’s all available on our website. Go to for more details!

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