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Equine Facilitated Wellness Programs


Life Skills Program

This program is offered as a 12-session program for groups of 4-6 children ages 6-18. In this program, the participants will learn tools that are applicable to their everyday lives.  They will gain skills in the areas of communication, body awareness, social, leadership, responsibility, and work ethic.  The participants will take part in group activities with the horses and, through the teaching of the horses, will gain insight and knowledge needed to become successful and confident individuals.


Cost: $480 plus GST per youth for 12 sessions


'I Am Me' Program

Understanding who we are and our purpose is key in having a positive sense of self.  This program is offered as a 12-session program for groups of 4-6 children ages 6-18.  In the 'I Am Me' program, the participants will gain a better sense of who they are, increase their body awareness, learn healthy emotional regulation through mindfulness with the horses while developing self-confidence and acceptance.  

Cost: $480 plus GST per participant for 12 sessions.



Horsemanship/Horse Riding Lessons


Lil' Steps Farm is excited to offer individual or group Horsemanship/Horse Riding Lessons with Floriane Vermeire!  Lessons are offered in the Spring and Fall on a weekly basis.  Here, your child will learn the basics of Natural Horsemanship including communcating with a horse, horse behaviour and language, groundwork and building a relationship with the horse.  Your child will work on the ground with the horse and will also learn how to ride.  Please note that the riding will be only lead rope led by our instructor.  

These fun lessons are tailored around your child's needs and strengths and are great for building confidence, leadership and communication skills!

We have a small arena & playground for horses on-site and even have access to the St. Malo Lake to take the horses for a swim!

To inquire further on pricing and availability, please contact Floriane Vermeire at 1-431-998-8608 

Animal Facilitated Wellness Workshops

Lil' Steps offers a variety of workshops tailored for various needs including managing and regulating emotions, increasing positive sense of self and identity, leadership, healthy relationships, building trust, etc.  We are open to your feedback in what you would like to see and feel is a need for your child.  

'Being Me' Workshop

We offer a four-session workshop for children between the ages of 6-18 years old experiencing anxiety or are having difficulties with emotional regulation. In these workshops, your child will learn about anxiety and how to cope with difficult emotions related to anxiety.  

Research indicates the importance of self-awareness around symptoms and causes of anxiety for children – hence empowering them to be able to overcome difficulties related to anxiety.  The workshop is fun and interactive and will help increase self-awareness, confidence, and emotional regulation skills.  

Anxiety can be quite debilitating for a child and often the child feels that they are the only one experiencing anxious feelings and thoughts.  In this workshop, your child will be able to connect with others who are experiencing the same difficulties, recognizing that they are not alone and that anxiety can be managed.  

Dates and Times: To Be Announced

Cost: $125 per child plus GST ($131.25) for four-session workshop

Please print registration and forms and send along with payment to hold your spot.

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