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Peanut is the the leader of her miniature pack!  She protects her herd and is gentle in letting everyone know that she is the boss.  Peanut loves attention and is calm and attentive.
Fleur is far from miniature!  She stands at 15.3 hh and is a real beauty.  And not just on the outside, but within as well.  Her confidence, warmth and relaxed temperament brings piece to the herd.  
This boy is our goofball at the farm! He is kind and full of energy.  He sometimes needs guidance from the other horses when his energy is just too high! He loves to be around people.  
Filomena came to us from a very difficult background, where she was treated poorly.  Within months, she has been able to gain trust and love for everyone at our farm!
Hazelnut is full of confidence and personality!  She is like her mother, Peanut! She is one of the first horses to come to you and LOVES attention.  She is playful and full of energy! 
Trinket was rescued with a real difficult case of laminitis.  She was only able to walk a few steps at a time and was in a lot of pain.  With some Lil' Steps TLC, she has been making great progress!  

She is a miniature silky fainting goat and adorable as ever!  Crista is shy to start with and quite high on the myotonic (fainting) scale and faints quite often.  She is curious, loves her belly scratched and cute as a button!

Just like her brother Kit; Kat is a sweet goat!  She is a little more on the shy side and prefers to come to you rather than being greeted.  But like her brother, she LOVES her scratches on her neck! 
This sheep is a real treasure!  She was rescued in the summer of 2015 and we are so lucky to have her.  She cannot get enough affection and will even open the door to our Lil' Barn to get her cuddles!
Lil' Franklin​
Our lil' bunny Franklin is a cutie!  He loves to be scratched behind his ears!  Franklin is curious and loves to spend time with our cats. He is an albino rabbit, which makes him unique and special.
At 5 pounds, this little sweetheart can run a farm!  She will beat Wilbert in a battle for food and is the definition of confidence! Full of love and licks - she loves her affection!
This boy loves to purr!  The moment he has found someone to cuddle with he shows his affection and sweet personality.  
This furry girl loves her cuddles and affection.  She is sweet and caring! Misty is always there ready to be loved! 
Our Bird Family
Our selection of birds offer a relaxing environment for our guests.  They all have their unique personalities with all different stories! 
Her name says it all!  She is sweet by nature.  It takes a bit for her to warm up and feel comfortable, but when she develops her comfort level she is caring and loves her scratches!
Dream has a gentle nature and she loves to have attention.  Her spirit is kindhearted and gentle.  She is relaxed and docile. Dream loves her food!
She LOVES scratches!  From the moment she was born; has been calm and relaxed and loves to be with people.  Don't let her little size trick you though!  Her heart and mind is as big as a 1000 pound horse!   
She is in her mid-20's, but she thinks she is a teenager!  She has the energy of a foal! Donna is the grandma of the group.  She is calm, confident and well respected in the pack.  
Rebel is a dedicated horse; once he gains trust.  He is cautious at first, but once he feels he can trust you he is the first one to come greet you at the door! He has a big job as the protector of the herd!
Hope comes to us with a second chance; after being able to rescue her from the auction.  She is in the process of going blind and will need some extra love and care from our farm - which we are very excited to give her!

Cindy is a miniature silky fainting goat and makes us smile when we see her face!  Cindy is less shy and very curious!  They provide a lot of entertainment and love to play!

Kit is FULL of character!  He is usually the first one to greet you at the farm!  His horns may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you meet him you will quickly see he is sweet as can be!
This is one awesome pig!  Wilbur was donated to our farm to be part of our therapeutic team!  He is confident, kind, smart, sweet and a very happy pig!
Bo is a French Bulldog who was born with a stage 4 heart murmur.  He is a sweet dog who loves to sleep and chew!  Bo shows us that no matter what your circumstances are - enjoying life to the fullest is what life is all about!
Dayne face jewely_edited.jpg
Dayne appears scary and intimidating at first glance.  Once you know him; he is a big baby!  He loves cuddles and thinks he only weighs as much as Serenity.  Dayne is loyal and will always be by your side.
Baby Bloom
Bloom was rescued and showed up malnourished and very hungry!  She is a girl that loves being with people, although has not quite figured out how to get along with the other cats!
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie is a shy and loving cat.  She is reserved at first, but once she hits your lap she is happy as can be!  
All we heard was a very loud meow on the doorsteps of Lil' Steps after being dropped off in the middle of winter and we fell in love with this playful and energetic girl!!!  
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