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Lil' Steps offers field trips, petting zoos and a space to hold birthday parties!  


Field Trips


We are very excited to offer this opportunity to school groups and other youth groups!  Field Trips consist of a three hour session, including a tour of the farm and a psycho-educational experience for youth on positive mental well-being.  Each hour provides a different wellness topic for youth to gain knowledge and hands on experience through the animals in a fun and interactive manner.

Groups can choose from five different topics:

1. Getting Along - this session provides a lesson on being different and being similar and teaches children not to judge a book by it's cover!

2. Empathy and Compassion - children learn how to be empathetic to others through lessons with the animals.  

3. Healthy Relationships - children learn to identify what a healthy relationship looks like and the importance of respect, trust and empathy in relationships.

4. My E-Motions - the focus for this session is around understanding emotions, how we experience them, and learning how to manage difficult emotions.

5. Leadership and Confidence - this session focuses on the skills needed to be a leader with confidence.  We look at the difference between being a leader vs. a boss and how to be a successful leader.


Cost: $295.00 plus GST


Petting Zoos


Throughout the year, Lil' Steps farm hosts multiple "Open Farm Days" where the public is invited to come and meet all of our wonderful and friendly animals. Kids will have the opportunity to groom a variety of the animals and walk our mini-horses in their playground. 

$5 per adult and $3 per child 13 and under.

2020 open farm dates to be announced soon!


Birthday Parties

Looking for a unique venue to host your child's birthday party? Look no further. Lil' Steps is pleased to open its doors for your next event. Contact us for more details.

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