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Sensory Therapy For Adults
& Sensory Products For Anxiety

Did you know that Saint-Malo, MB, Canada has an outstanding source for sensory therapy for adults?  It’s Lil’ Step Wellness Farm, and we offer services for people of all ages including children, youth, and adults. We offer Sensory items for many different conditions. For instance, our Sensory Products for Anxiety are quite popular. We’ve received positive feedback from people who have used these products.  For instance, our weighted blanket is one of the more popular items of the sensory products for Anxiety we carry. The blankets come in varying weights and are known to have a calming effect that’s akin to a warm hug. People who use the blanket report a calming effect that promotes rest and many people report receiving a good night’s sleep with it. We can assist you in finding just the right fit of a blanket for you. Also, check out our other sensory products and inquire about the various therapies and workshops we offer, too. We are an excellent source of wellness support in the surrounding areas, which include Saint-Malo, MB, Canada.

We offer various Sensory products at the Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm. Our Sensory toys and blankets are favorites. We also provide Sensory Therapy for adults. As you know, sensory tools are very helpful for people with Autism who have Sensory Processing issues. But, our products are also helpful for Fibromyalgia, ADHD, and we have a selection of Sensory Products for Anxiety. Our Weighted Blanket, for instance, has been proven to be effective for those who have Anxiety. Our Diffuser Bracelets are another tool to help Anxiety and other issues. We make use of Aromatherapy and Crystals to produce a relaxing and calming effect that can be carried with you throughout the day during your normal activities.  

We offer cutting edge and innovative therapy for adults. Take advantage of some of the excellent tools we have to offer! Visit our website for more details about our therapy, programs, products, and more. Our website is at

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