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Sensory Products

& Sensory Fidgets

In Saint Malo, MB, Canada area, the one-stop place to go for Sensory Products and Sensory Fidgets is Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm. We have a nice variety of Sensory products that have proven successful in helping sufferers of a variety of conditions. These items stimulate many different parts of the child’s mind and body. Their purpose is to engage both cognitive and motor skills. Playing with these toys is like engaging in sensory therapy. They develop focus, attention, and various other important skills. They also have a relaxing and meditative quality that is helpful in calming anxiety. Children stay occupied with these gadgets for wide stretches of time, all the while gaining valuable skills from their use. Along with these items, we have more excellent products including diffuser bracelets and weighted blankets.  If you are interested in checking out our supply of products, pay us a visit soon! We have the most impressive inventory of sensory tools in the greater Saint-Malo, MB, Canada area.

We have a great selection of Sensory Products like Sensory Fidgets at Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm. The toys we offer were created for a purpose. They serve to engage, excite the imagination, and to stimulate the child’s senses on various levels. These have the special quality of using the child’s motor and cognitive abilities. The toys engage children while helping them to improve their attention-span, calm them, and work on various other important qualities. Our toys are affordable and guaranteed to engage your child!

If you are looking for products and aids to help your anxiety or other issues, we might be able to help you.  Our website lists all the products along with descriptions and ordering information. The website is also a great place to learn about our therapy and programs, too. Visit us at

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