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Our Scalp Massager is great for relaxation and helping to calm down your body and mind.  Provides a great sensory input for children with sensory needs and is a helpful tool for self-regulation. 

EASY TO USE - By gently raising and lowering the scalp & head massager, you can increase blood flow and circulation to the desired area allowing your body to soothe itself naturally.

NO SNAGS, TANGLES OR SCRATCHES - Our tool is incredibly lightweight and small enough to take with you anywhere. The 2mm durable stainless steel wires can easily be reshaped to fit any head size. Snag-free rubber beads protect your scalp and hair from unwanted scraping and pulling so you can enjoy every precious moment. (handle is 3.5 inches; the 12 stainless steel wires are 5 and 6.5 inches)

Scalp Head Massager 3-Pack

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