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The new Mini LUXOR has a unique pyramid design, a symbol of its healing abilities. The Mini LUXOR emits a bright, diffuse and even light. This beautiful lamp, a real eye catcher, is also energy efficient. It consumes only 40 Watts yet delivers 10,000 Lux at up to 10 inches and 5,000 Lux at 14 inches. The Mini LUXOR’s simple design makes it ultra reliable, durable and affordable. The Mini LUXOR is built to last the sands of time.

Features Include:

  • 10,000 Lux at up to 10 inches
  • No flicker & no hum
  • Solid case, entirely steel
  • No UV & Very low EMF
  • 7 year unlimited warranty
  • 60 day money back guarantee (full refund of total paid less $35 for restocking)

Product Specs:

  • Power : 40 Watts
  • Size : 11.5 inches a side
  • Weight : 3 lbs
  • On/Off switch : On back right of unit
  • Power cord : 8 feet


Tips: Use the light regularly at about the same time each day. Also try to spend time outdoors during sunny periods. Eat sensibly, exercise and try to keep regular sleep-wake hours.


  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE The Mini LUXOR is a unique lamp. To the Egyptians, and many other early civilizations, pyramids were believed to promote healing and represented many of the positive aspects of their culture. Let your Mini LUXOR bring you sunshine and well-being through the sands of time. We recommend that you use the lamp each day early in the morning for 30 minutes at 9 inches (10,000 Lux), or 60 minutes at 14 inches (5,000 Lux) sitting as shown in the above photo. The light needs to shine in your eyes. Do not look directly at the light, but you may glance at it periodically. Keeping regular sleep/wake hours and exercising (outdoors when possible) are also very beneficial. Note: unit will achieve maximum brightness only 2 minutes after it is turned ON.


    1) UNIT DOES NOT LIGHT If the unit does not light 3 seconds after the switch is turned ON, please check that the plug is well inserted into the outlet. If this fails, try other outlets. Unplug unit when servicing. Try removing the single screw holding the UV filter. Inspect the bulb to see that it is properly screwed into the socket, and that it is not cracked or broken. If you need a replacement bulb, please give us a call. The bulb should last for 2,000 hours of use. When replacing the UV filter make sure that the plastic washer is inserted between the filter and the lamp. 2) OTHER PROBLEMS Bright light can cause eye and/or skin irritation and headaches. This is most prevalent in people with blue or green eyes, blonde or red hair, fair or sensitive skin. All these problems are usually resolved by gradually increasing use of the lamp. At the first sign of skin or eye irritation, stop using the lamp and wait until the irritation disappears. Then start using the lamp 2 minutes a day, trying different distances until you establish the greatest degree of comfort. Gradually, over a 2-week period, you should be able to lengthen your exposure time while shortening the distance until you achieve the original light regimen. If you still experience problems, please call us and we will try to help you.

    WARNING: If you have a health problem, if you have been told you must wear sunglasses in sunlight, or if you have a history of eye problems, please consult a health-care professional first. MEDICATIONS such as lithium, melatonin, tetracycline, St. John’s Wort, acne creams, creams with retinoic acid and some chemotherapy drugs can make you very sensitive to light.

    MAINTENANCE The fluorescent bulb emits less light as it gets older. It should be replaced after 2,000 hours of use. These are unique bulbs, please contact us for replacements. WARRANTY Northern Light Technologies undertakes to repair or replace a defective lamp at no charge for a period of 7 years. Shipping costs to our plant must be paid by you. Call us at 1-800-263-0066 before returning a unit. GUARANTEE For a period of 60 days after purchase we will refund the total paid, less $35 for shipping and restocking. If the lamp was not purchased from us, please see vendor for return policy.

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