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Weighted Anxiety Blanket
& Mental Health Workshops

At Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm, we utilize a lot of different techniques to bring wellness to the Saint-Malo, MB, Canada community. These include a variety of therapies including Equine, animal-assisted counseling, Play Therapy, and more. We offer an impressive line of sensory therapeutic problems such as our weighted blankets, diffuser bracelets, and therapeutic toys. We also believe mental health education is of immense importance to everyone in the community. To drive home this point, we host excellent mental health workshops on a variety of topics including, among others, anxiety, psychotic episodes, grief, and substance disorders. Our workshops cover all aspects of the disorder and dealing with the people who suffer from it in various areas of the community. We are proud to offer our successful weighted anxiety blanket to the public. Many people have experienced a lot of success from these blankets. Our prices are always affordable, and we have a lot of other products which may be of interest to you. We offer excellent wellness services in the Saint-Malo, MB, Canada community!

At Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm, we are all about your overall health and wellness. We offer a variety of therapies, healing products, and mental health workshops to help ensure this. Our workshops cover a plethora of topics including, but not limited to, mood disorders, substance overdose, trauma, and anxiety. The focus is on interacting with individuals with these conditions in different situations and environments. We also offer a variety of therapeutic products including our weighted anxiety blanket. These blankets have an excellent calming effect reducing anxiety by as much as 63 percent!

We believe understanding mental health is an ongoing learning process. There are many new, innovative, and successful treatments for mental disorders now. We are here to assist you in finding what brings comfort to you and your child. For more details on our products and programs, visit our website at

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