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We are proud to share with our valued customers; that part of proceeds of all our our product sold go to sending kids to camp and assisting families with low-income in receiving counselling services through Lil' Steps Farm.





Our Sensory Tools and Fidgets:


Sensory Tools are specially designed toys for children that are designed to engage a child's attention both cognitively and physically by stimulating one or more of the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.  They provide assistance in self-regulation to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening.  We take pride in offering affordable prices for our clients to allow accessibility for these tools.

Benefits to Our Weighted Blankets: Weighted blankets have been used to help alleviate anxiety in both children and adults.  Research has shown that weighted blankets help provide deep pressure stimulation, which releases the chemical and neurotransmitter serotonin and oxytocin.  This is similar to a hug!  Serotonin is our mood regulating chemical that assists in promoting sleep.  Serotonin levels can change when we are effected by mental health difficulties, such as anxiety and depression.  Oxytocin is the chemical that helps to promotes feeling calm and happy.  This concept was originally discovered by famous autism researcher, Temple Grandin.  Dr. Grandin, who has autism herself, discovered how cattle responded by becoming more calm and relaxed when they were applied with gentle pressure in a compression device to help hold them while getting vaccinated.  She created a similar device for people and the concept of deep pressure therapy was developed!  

It is fairly common that children and adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and anxiety will have sensory processing difficulties.  Studies have shown benefit in the use of a weighted blanket to help with regulating the mood as well as assisting in sleep.  


Research shows that it helps reduce anxiety:

"63% reported lower anxiety after use"

Source: Journal of Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

Although weighted blankets have been well-known to help people with sensory processing difficulties, they can assist in other health conditions as well!  Because oxytocin is known to help ease a broad range of health conditions, it is useful for alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia.

The 'Rule of Thumb' in Choosing a Weighted Blanket:  Many people ask the question around choosing the right blanket for them.  Our suggestion is to choose a blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight.  This is an approximate measurement as some people like more or less pressure; depending on personal preference. We also recommend that the blanket fits the person and not necessarily your bed.  This helps in distributing the weight evenly on the person.  To help with distributing the weight evenly; ensure that the blanket does not go over the sides of the bed.

*Please note that this information is not intended to provide professional medical advice.  It is recommended to talk to your doctor  or health care provider before undertaking any type of therapy or treatment.*


Our Jewelry: Lil' Scents of Joy


Lil' Steps is excited to offer our new diffuser bracelets.  We have created a unique line of diffuser bracelets with a combination of healing properties from aromatherapy and crystals.  Our bracelets are designed to assist in regulating emotions and promoting positive mental well-being.  Each bracelet is handcrafted with precision and care to give you a long-lasting product.


What makes our diffuser bracelets different than other bracelets?  Diffuser bracelets are a portable way to take your favorite essential oil with you every day. Essential oils are often used for aromatherapy.  Each essential oil has a different healing property, such as boosting energy, helping your digestion and assisting in calming the nervous system.  Some examples of different essential oils are peppermint; used to boost energy and help with digestion, lavender; used for relaxation and lemon, used to help digestion, headaches, and mood. Each bracelet is made with lava stones, to absorb the essential oil and allow you to keep the scent throughout the day.  When using your bracelet, apply a few drops of essential oil on the lava stones and let it dry before putting it on to avoid possible skin irritation. 

We carry a line of a variety of crystals; black jasper, green jade, amethyst, quartz, rose quartz and tiger eye.  









Black Jasper is also known as “Blackstone”.  Black Jasper is a highly protective stone that is excellent for grounding the energies. Black Jasper gemstones promote feelings of protection and clearing of negative energy. It is said to purify. Black Jasper can physically ease pain and can help during healing processes. 


Quartz is helpful for those needing clarity of mind.  Its healing properties can eliminate energy blockages and allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the body.


















Amethyst has healing properties to assist with physical ailments of the nervous system.  It is also known to be a protective stone.  Amethyst is said to be a natural stress reliever that rids negative energy.












Tiger Eye is a stone of protection.  It has the power to focus the mind; promoting mental clarity.  It is known to rid fear and anxiety.
















Green Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity.  It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility.  It increases love and nurturing.  Jade is a protective stone.  It brings balance and harmony.  Jade can soothe the mind, releasing negative thoughts and aids emotional release such as irritability.  





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