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Sensory Integration Therapy Toys

& Occupational Therapy Sensory Toys

Are you looking for some great and therapeutic toys for your child who suffers from disorders like Autism, ADHD, or Anxiety? You should look toward therapeutic toys which will help them developmentally and work both their cognitive and motor skills all during play. Fortunately, there is a great source for toys or tools like these in the Saint-Malo, MB, Canada area. It’s at our facility, Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm. These toys will keep your child fascinated and engaged while helping him or her develop important social and life skills and improve their focus. It doesn’t seem like therapy to them. It’s just enjoyable play, and they can’t get enough of it. You’ll be happy to know our prices are affordable. We also offer a variety of services you might want to check out including therapy. For either Sensory Integration Therapy toys or Occupational Therapy Sensory toys, remember, we are the best source for you to find them here in Saint-Malo, MB, Canada.

Do you or does your child or a patient suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder? With this disorder, the signals between the brain and the senses are off and reactions to certain sensory stimuli may affect the person in a more profound way than it affects other people. This can be a very disturbing and uncomfortable condition to deal with daily. At Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm, we provide Sensory Therapy and Sensory tools that help individuals who have this condition. There are outstanding Sensory Integration Therapy Toys and Occupational Therapy Sensory Toys available to you!

There are excellent tools that can help with this condition. If you’d like to see a list of our products and get information about registering for one of our programs, go to our website for details. We have an exceptional selection of sensory toys and products that you’ll find at

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