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Diffuser Bracelets
& Therapeutic Sensory

Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm offers therapy, workshops, and one of the greater Saint-Malo, MB, Canada area’s finest selection of Sensory products and accessories. These offer a therapeutic sensory experience for people who receive the calming effects of certain therapies like Aromatherapy. A great product is our Diffuser Bracelets. Aromatherapy makes use of Essential oils, each of which has its own distinctive qualities. Our bracelets are handmade and contain Crystals such as Black Jasper, Tigers Eye, Quartz, and Amethyst along with essential oils. Many people who have used these bracelets say they have varying effects, including giving wearers boosts of energy or bringing about a generalized calming effect. The bracelet allows you to take your healing scents with you throughout your normal day. These are well-made and lovely to look at! If you would like to get one of these bracelets or check out some of the other outstanding sensory products we offer, check us out. We are the Saint-Malo, MB, Canada’s best source for mental health and wellness!

 We offer an outstanding selection of Sensory products at our Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm. All our products are Therapeutic Sensory tools that help people on many levels. Our diffuser bracelets are an excellent example of this. Crystals and Aromatherapy have amazing wellness qualities and our bracelets make use of both. They are created to help promote health and to calm and control the emotions. These are beautiful items that are meticulously handcrafted to create a lasting and lovely tool.  With this bracelet, the wearer can take their healing Essential Oils with them throughout the day.  Essential Oils each have qualities that affect the mood in different ways. They are an essential part of Aromatherapy.  

We have an outstanding array of sensory products for you. To learn more, visit our website. You’ll find information on our farm, therapy, programs, products, location, and more. We’re at

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