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Our Lil' Facility


Lil' Steps is located in St. Malo, Manitoba approximately five minutes from our beautiful St. Malo Provincial Park; which has a great family beach and many other activities.  We take pride in Lil' Steps being located on the family farm and have been enjoying all the little animals we have!  Our facility includes the Lil' Wellness Barn, an indoor arena, an outdoor playground for the horses, a kids play area, various games and activities, a fire pit and walking trails for the horses and children.  Our Lil' Wellness Barn is a cozy area for children and teens to learn about horse safety, do crafts, and check out our literacy corner.  This barn and the facilities are wheelchair accessible. We are excited to offer a place for children to come that allows them to just be who they are and enjoy a relaxing, fun and welcoming environment.  Our goal is to offer every child and teen the experience of being in the moment with who they are and at the same time giving them the opportunity to learn new skills.  The hope is that these experiences will help them achieve positive mental well-being. 

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