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15 lb Weighted Blanket
& 20 lb Weighted Blanket

One of the most popular wellness products in the Saint Malo, MB, Canada area is the weighted blanket.  This is an excellent sensory tool that helps with anxiety, reducing some cases by 63 percent. At Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm, we carry a full line of sensory products including the sensory blankets. These items are available in two different weights. You can get a 15 lb weighted blanket or a 20 lb weighted blanket. We can help you to choose the right fit and the one that is best for you or your child. We also offer a variety of other effective sensory products you may want to check out. Our facility is committed to our community’s wellness and provides therapies, including the very successful animal-assisted therapies. Our farm offers workshops, camp experiences for children and more. In the Saint Malo, MB, Canada area, if you are looking for wellness products or treatments, look no further than to us!

Some of the most popular Sensory products we carry at Lil’ Steps Wellness Farm are our weighted blankets. These blankets are helpful to people of all ages. They are excellent for people suffering from several conditions, most notably Sensory Processing Dysfunction. The most accurate simile to describe these blankets is “like a hug.” Conditions like anxiety can greatly impede sleep because the conditions affect the levels of Serotonin, the sleep-inducing brain chemical. These weighted blankets produce Oxytocin, a calming brain chemical that helps compensate for that lowered Serotonin level. We offer a 15 lb weighted blanket and a 20 lb weighted blanket for you to choose from!

We offer wonderful sensory products which may help your child’s anxiety. Besides our blankets, we also offer an assortment of sensory accessories which have been helpful for many patients. To learn more about us, our products, and our programs, visit us online at

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